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Victory in Criminal Defense Case

I had a case that didn’t look too good for me. I was charged with a violent crime. But when John Fazzio took the case, he explained everything to me, and he brightened the picture for me. He went to bat for me and prepared me for the Grand Jury, where we successfully had the case downgraded. One thing different about John is he spent about five hours with me one weekend helping me get ready for the hearing and explaining everything to me. John was also willing to meet me multiple times when convenient for me or to talk to me at length about my charges. John presented himself in a professional but aggressive manner in court. John resolved my case with probation and a fine, and I would recommend him highly. He is jot only a great lawyer with a big heart, but someone I consider a friend.

Roy ,

Realtor Accused of a Hate Crime

Defense Lawyer Who Goes the Extra Mile

John is amazing!!!!! I was involved in a very sensitive case where I was wrongly accused of very serious charges that were completely false. Given my job, I could not have any kind of criminal record or suggestion of improper conduct in my employment. John got me off of all of the charges and guided me through the process — which had me extremely nervous — in a way that allowed me to keep my sanity. John, Caitlin and his team mounted a great defense, but also were a friendly ear that gave me peace of mind during a trying season of my life.

Onofrio ,

Salesman Wrongly Accused of Sexual Assault on the Job

You’re in very good hands with John Fazzio & team!

An attorney friend of mine referred me to John as my matter at hand fell into one of his specialty areas, and I’m so glad he did! John was welcoming, responsive, knowledgeable, thorough and fair. He got done in one day what could’ve dragged on, and introduced me to the members of his team who were each supportive. It was a pleasant and successful experience and I highly recommend you call him. Good luck!

JoAnne ,

Student Wrongly Accused of Indecent Exposure & Drug Crimes



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